School uniforms a must Rapid Penang: No discount for students in school T-shirts


Rapid Penang chief executive officer Azhar Ahmad said that those wearing school club or sports T-shirts would not be given the discount, even though they had student cards to show their student status.

“We want the students to be in full formal uniforms. School T-shirts are not considered formal uniforms.

“If we give those wearing school T-shirts discounts, some may try to take advantage of the students’ reduced bus fare,” he said.

However, Azhar said that students wearing Scout, Girl Guide, Cadet and other uniformed unit attire would still be eligible for the reduced student rate.

Azhar was responding to a complaint letter published in StarMetro last Saturday about a student being told to pay the full RM2 bus fare as he was not wearing his full school uniform, even after he had shown the driver his student card.

He also advised the public to take down Rapid Penang drivers’ particulars and bus numbers if they had complaints.

“The public can e-mail us at,” he said in an interview.

On last month’s incident in which a Rapid Penang bus emergency exit door suddenly flung open,causing the death of a passenger, Azhar said that investigations were still underway.

“We wrote to Puspakom and the police three weeks ago to enquire about developments. Puspakom has checked the bus and found no problems with it

“According to the George Town police headquarters, they are still looking into the incident and we will know the results by end of this month,” he said.

Azhar added that the investigation report would be sent to the Deputy Public Prosecutor.

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  1. hmm.. just now. i’m 16 years old. can i join a scout when i 17 years old??i know.. i’m too late. siot..

  2. assalamualaikum..
    erm…nnti kt mlka ader jmbori …hrp korg dpt pegi…
    byrn nyer 70 inggt x slh..
    bln lima…
    hrp korg gie k…wassalam..

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