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  1. Backwoodsman shouldn’t use fire, it should use amber instead. People gotta get their info right before doing such things. Uniform also not so correct.

    Good job anyway.

  2. Haha… yeah, don’t ever use fire to cook backwoodsman. I didn’t notice that in the video though. What’s your background in scouting?

  3. great job!!!..but…since when the gurlz tight in their shirt..???however….very gud job n keep it up!!!!
    once a scout always a scout

  4. Salah satu caranya untuk memperkenalkan Pengakap kepada orang awam. Usaha lagi Ganbateh……

  5. Putting aside the details of backwoods cooking and the uniform, this is a great promotional video. Well done to all those involved.

  6. Wow… How I wish I can be one of them…
    But I’m still new in scouting…
    This is my 1st year scouting…
    Do I have the pleasure of asking you all to help my school improving?
    I hope we can join more activities!

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